Ithopele senotlolo

Closed on: 2 Aug 2019

Ithopele senotlolo is a daily listener participation contests through an entertaining interaction between the host and the contestant with major mass appeal giveaways and promotions on-air and off-air campaign.

  • Listeners will be directed through the website and social networks to listen to for the random broadcast of both the riddle and clues. This will give the CUME Builder more exposure and an extended life.
  • The competition will commence on Saturday, 1st June and will close on Thursday, 31st July 2019 ("the competition period").
  • The competition will be run daily, and the station will decide which two shows will giveaway prizes on the day.
  • Prize Money will be between R57.00 to a maximum of R5 700.00.
  • The station will reserve the right to put whatever amount on the day. 


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Web Content Viewer (JSR 286)

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