Date: Mar 28, 2022

More flavour to the current line-up

Mahikeng – Monday, 28 March 2022 - In celebrating 60 years of broadcasting excellence, the South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) radio station, Motsweding FM has seen it befitting to add more flavour to its current line-up. The line-up changes implemented will continue to preserve and protect language usage, as the station is a key custodian of the Setswana language and culture. Motsweding FM commands over 3 million listeners and with the new line-up, aims to grow both listener and revenue through developmental, innovative and compelling content.


Motsweding FM’s breakfast show, which is broadcast from 06h00-09h00 Monday to Friday, will see a new team anchoring the show. Legendary award-winning radio broadcaster Douglas “D Mos” Mosadi, who is no stranger to Motsweding FM as he previously served the radio station for 17 years makes his return with this slot. “D Mos” has managed to rebrand himself over the years and remains a well-respected Setswana personality, popular on social media.


Stella Sebalo will join D Mos as co-host. She brings a wealth of experience in quality output of Setswana content and she also enjoys a wide social media following through her involvement in community radio stations and as a language activist. The cherry on top is the addition of seasoned award-winning content producer, Essence Maumakwe. His content production experience and creativity will add to what is going to become the best breakfast show in public broadcasting.


The 09h00-12h00 and 12h00-15h00 shows, will now be presented by Mokopi Molebatsi and Amon Mokoena respectively. Amon Mokoena brings with him a plethora of skills that are much needed for daytime radio. Mokopi Molebatsi is a well-rounded broadcaster, having worked for community, PBS and commercial radio stations. She is one of the few female Setswana Broadcasters of the current generation. Her love for culture, language, and music will complement the show.


Lindiwe Modise “Mama Lindi” will move to the 02h00 to 05h00 slot, Monday to Friday whose content will be more developmental and inspirational in nature.


Mpho Nkomo brings a wealth of content production experience to Motsweding FM. She is also a well-rounded creative who is passionate about Radio and Setswana in general. Her creativity and love for culture will immensely contribute to the programming strategic direction.


Lebo Mokgatlha will move to the 20h00 - 00h00 time channel, to add maturity and calm to the slot, traits she is well known for.


The 15h00 -18h00 weekend slots will see the return of a man who needs no introduction to radio; Alphy K, who will be taking over the weekend sports shows which he previously executed with creativity and excellence. Alphy K is an author and a well-respected broadcast figure.


“These changes re-affirm Motsweding FM as a custodian of the language and culture of Setswana. This developmental approach to content production aims to increase audience and most importantly revenue for the station. “The station strategy prides itself on creative excellence and respect” said Mamontha Motaung, Motsweding FM’s Business Manager.



Issued By:                        SABC

Media Enquiries:             Ms. Gugu Ntuli Group Executive Corporate Affairs and Marketing          |T. 011 714 3057|C. 071 877 0153


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