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Moremogolo go betlwa wa taola, wa motho o aipetla.

Brian Letsogo describes himself as an easy-going kind of a person. Born at Baragwanath Hospital but grew up in Atamelang township, Letsogo has been involved with radio since 1999. He started with a community radio station in the West Rand called Horizon stereo in 1999 where he hosted the Friday night and Sunday afternoon shows while he was studying. He joined a campus radio station in the year 2000 where he hosted the Friday lunch show at RAU Radio (now UJFM). He worked for both radio stations at the same time. Brian also worked on the business side of radio when he joined YFM in 2006. He has also worked for various media houses and the public sector. He joined Motsweding FM over 10 years ago in November 2007 as the Saturday breakfast show host. He has since moved from programming to join sport where he started as a weekend sport show anchor in 2009 and currently he is a football commentator. He has covered the FIFA World Cup and AFCON tournaments since 2010.

A versatile Letsogo won the SAB Sport Commentator of the year award in 2013 and the Northwest Sport Award in 2016. Letsogo finds joy in all types of sport although football remains top of the list. A postgraduate of Marketing Communications, Brian enjoys travelling locally and abroad as there is always something new to discover. During spare time, he prefers to chill with family and friends, as an addict of Game of Thrones, Letsogo enjoys catching up on fascinating television productions which makes binging (not drinking, watching TV) one of his ways of relaxing. Reading a book and listening to some timeless music is part of Letsogo’s hobbies. Brian’s also still enjoys behaving like Andrea Pirlo in the middle of the park from time to time.

Birthday: 12 April

Place of Birth: Johannesburg

Your Secret Passion: Philosophy and Theology

Worst day of the week: Monday

If you could invite any three people, dead or alive, for dinner, who would they be and why? 
My late grandmother Sisinyane Letsogo, she had amazing wisdom that one can only find in such an elder (not in books).
I would still like to have a chat with Dalai Lama, his views of life are interesting, his faith is impregnable and I would want to know how he can be a threat to such a big and strong country by himself.
The late Professor Phillip Tobias as I would like to know more about the “Little Foot” and what it means about the origin of Homo Sapiens and how that relates to the Bible or Koran. Does human kind originate in Africa? What does that mean about pigmentation? The Caucus Mountains?

Favourite Setswana idiom: Moremogolo go betlwa wa taola, wa motho o aipetla.

The thing you're most proud of: The man I have become and the even better man I will become.

Your likes: Humility, Curiosity, Creativity, Sport, Music, Peace.

Dislikes: Jealousy (I think it’s worst thing that can ever happen to anyone). I also don’t like deceitful and pretentious people.

Favourite musician or band: Andrea Bocelli, Rod Steward, Chris De Burgh, Labi Siffre and many more.

What advice would you give to people who would like to work in this particular field? 
Many people ask what it takes to become a commentator, well there is no school for commentary, it takes talent. It’s not something that you wake up and want to do, you somehow grow up with it. You would hear young boys doing it at the games in the townships and villages, that’s it, that’s where it starts, you grow up with it, it’s passion, it’s a dream it is not a career or a stage for fame. So, it takes talent and passion but you dare not discard the importance of education, go to school and study journalism or communications or anything really. This is to ensure stability in your life, something to fall back on when the voice or love is gone.

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