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Meno masweu, polaya e tshega.

Amon Mokoena describes himself as a music scholar and a lover of life. He has been involved with radio since 1996. He joined Motsweding FM on the 01st April 2018 as a host of Nna Le Wena, a lunchtime show that broadcasts daily, Monday – Friday 12 – 3pm. He also hosts Iketleng, a show that airs from 10 - 2pm Sundays. He previously hosted The Great Escape, Monday - Friday 12 - 3pm,  on Metro FM. 

Amon is a BA Communications graduate from the University of the North West. His career started at the SABC as an intern journalist and grew into a radio presenter right here on Motsweding FM (Setswana Stereo).

He has also worked as a DJ/Producer for VCR FM 90.6, Horizon stereo, Radio Eldos, Commuter FM, Airmedia broadcasting's CNA Live and also did an early morning stint as a jock on 94.7 Highveld stereo, weekdays between 1am & 5am.

You won’t just find Amon behind the microphone but also as a music producer, voice over artist and on stage as an MC and DJ for the ambassadors of Soul & R&B music, The Love Connection (#TLC).

Birthday: 17 March

Place of Birth: Pretoria

Your Secret Passion: Wild life. The peaceful and tranquil world amazes me.

Worst day of the week: Don’t really have. Everyday is an opportunity to do it one more time and to do it better!

If you could invite any three people, dead or alive, for dinner, who would they be and why?

  1. First off, my mom for giving me life and the guidance to keep following my heart, even though I still make mistakes.
  2. Secondly, my dad for taking me to studio that one morning. That moment has defined my life.
  3. Lastly, Tata Nelson Mandela for his life, therefore my life turned out this way in this country.

Each of them had great lessons they left with me, therefore it would only be right for me to say thank you in person.

The thing you're most proud of: My wife and kids. I’ve got a dope family. I wish I was as dope as they are, but I make sure I tell them how much I appreciate them everyday.

Your likes: Adventure, Real people

Dislikes: Fake people, Cowards, Backstabbers

Favourite musician or band: Jodeci, Dr Dre, Will Smith

What advice would you give to people who would like to work in this particular field? Believe and trust in your talent as well as dreams. They will get you as far as you want them to in life. Focus on only what’s in your path, leave everything to everyone else. If it doesn’t concern you, you probably don’t need to be a part of it.

Modimo ke oo.

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